Want to know what your property is worth? We know there are a lot of local appraisers to choose from, but we’re also fully confident in our ability to serve you well.

WE HAVE EXTENSIVE EXPERIENCE. The Haisten Group was established 47 years ago, and our team has more than 85 years of combined industry experience.

WE KNOW REAL ESTATE. Our appraisal team understands the unique and ever-evolving pulse of the real estate industry and puts that knowledge into play with every job.

WE’RE PLUGGED IN. We have developed and maintained long-lasting relationships with other industry professionals, creating valuable connections that help us do our best work for you.

WE COMMUNICATE. Our team understands the value of clear and consistent communication throughout the appraisal process, and we wouldn’t be satisfied delivering anything less.

WE WORK HARD. WE WORK FAST. We do our best work for every client. We also prioritize setting reasonable deadlines and meeting them. When the market is hot, as it generally is, we know efficiency and fast turnaround are invaluable.

WE CARE ABOUT THE COMMUNITY. Bolstering our community matters to us, and we work to support various local charities and non-profits as they do their good work in the Chattanooga area. We have partnered with Habitat for Humanity, St. Jude’s, and Chambliss, among others, because we understand the importance of giving back.

Are you ready to have your property appraised? We’re the team for you.